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Pool Lifts with people

We help people..... into and out of water..... with water.

Why is water power the smart choice?

Because it's safe for the environment, is totally non-electric,

uses free energy as the water is recycled, is easy to operate,

requires minimal maintenance , and is very reliable.

For ADA-Compliance


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IGAT-180IGAT 180/135IGAT-180 AD

With the IGAT-180 Series of Water-Powered Lifts, there are no dangerous lithium ion batteries to charge, recharge, and replace, or expensive electronic repairs ever required. Water pressure has no continuing energy costs. Water is simply "borrowed" on its way to replacing evaporation.

These lifts offer the simplest, safest, most reliable and cost-effective way to provide ADA-compliance in your pool and spa.


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