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Rev. 8/24/12

Disabled Only Label

Swimming pool lifts like the Aquatic Access IGAT-180 Series have
proven to be the safest, most reliable and least expensive means of access to pools and spas and are in use in thousands of facilities around the world.

Many of our customers have expressed concern that these products could be abused by able-bodied individuals now that they will be in common use. For this reason, Aquatic Access has created a label to be affixed to the seat in public facilities indicating that the lifts are to be used exclusively by disabled people. These labels use the universal sign for disabled access for clarity, and are provided free of charge with lifts ordered for use in public facilities.

The Aquatic Access labels are a simple peel-and-stick design, and can be affixed to the front and/or back of seats. Placement on the front of our most popular seat designs is shown at right.

If you did not receive a label, you can order one by email. Include your mailing address, Aquatic Access Pool Lift Serial Number, and the color of your seat. Email seatlabels@AquaticAccess.com