Please be advised that Planet Mobility (, BestBuy Mobility (, Lifetime Mobility of Leonard, Michigan, Medical Mobility International, and WorldWide Seating ( have NO authority to represent or supply our products. Please do not contact these companies if you are interested in purchasing Aquatic Access products. Please contact us or one of our authorized representatives noted at the following link:

Aquatic Access has severed relations with Planet Mobility and never conducted business with BestBuy Mobility, Lifetime Mobility of Leonard, Michigan, Medical Mobility International or WorldWide Seating. Aquatic Access has received many complaints about Planet Mobility relating to that company's acceptance of orders (and possibly payment) for Aquatic Access products and subsequent failure to order from us or to deliver any product to the purchaser. Aquatic Access has contacted Planet Mobility about these complaints and about amounts due Aquatic Access from Planet Mobility but has received no response.

Therefore, please do not attempt to purchase any Aquatic Access products through Planet Mobility, Medical Mobility International, Lifetime Mobility of Leonard, Michigan, Best Buy Mobility or World Wide Seating. Please contact us if you have any questions about this notice or our products.